"Good Morning Doctor Hollander"

Migraine Headaches

2011 October 18

GMDH 13: Migraine Headaches

2011 February 20

Good morning Dr. Hollander, I’ve heard Chiropractic helps a lot with headaches. Does it help with Migraine headaches also?

Orlando Massage Therapist - Liz Cole

2011 February 06

I just wanted to take a moment and introduce my favorite massage therapist.

I has Otoscope

2010 March 17

wow, you do more than backs don't you?

GMDH 12: Managing Wellness

2009 December 02

In the spirit of wellness I thought I would add weekly chiropractic and acupuncture to my schedule. I already added weekly massage and Yoga. Do you recommend organizing it so that massage and chiro are on different days? Does it matter?

Raw Cow Milk Call to Arms!

2009 September 10

Whole Foods Market Florida plans to stop selling Raw Cow Milk on Sept. 30th

Tenacious Dr. D

2009 June 14

In this instance, a little tenacity was just what the doctor ordered.

Skeptics not my enemy

2009 March 22

Skeptics are not enemies of chiropractic, they are just friends waiting for someone to listen and try to be helpful

GMDH 11: The Flu

2009 February 12

I have the flu. It sucks! What can I do to get better?

Doctor Moments

2008 December 31

If I ask myself what I like most about practice, it would have to be what I call "Doctor Moments."

GMDH 10: Shoe Inserts

2008 December 11

Good Morning Dr. H! Lately the pain in my ankles and feet keeps getting worse. Are shoe inserts are really worth it or not?

GMDH 9: Spinal Decompression

2008 September 21

Morning Dr. Hollander

I keep seeing these commercials for spinal decompression, I was wondering what that is all about and how that works. What does it help with and what your professional opinion is on it?

GMDH 8: Chiropractic colleges

2008 July 09

Good Morning Dr. Hollander!

I'm getting ready to apply for chiropractic college. Do you have any opinions on choosing a school

GMDH 7: Ear Infections

2008 June 15

Good Morning Dr. Hollander

OK, what can you tell me about viral ear infections???

GMDH 6: Understanding Diabetes Chiropractically

2008 May 22

So, Although no one has actually emailed me asking me questions about diabetes, I decided to blog a handout i recently made up for an in-office talk. Even if you don't have diabetes, you'll find the information contained here can really be applied to anyone looking to be healthy and prevent disease.

GMDH 5: Asthma is Tough

2008 April 19

Good Morning Dr. H,

ok, i have one for you. my oldest daughter, jasmine, has asthma and it gets pretty bad at times. she's only 6 and they have her on grown up meds. i was wondering if there was anything Cat and I can give her thats natural or healthy for her that will promote lung health or help control the asthma? this will help me out the most. it just sucks seeing a child suffer with something like this. thanks.

GMDH 4: Chiseled Sexy Six Pack!

2008 April 10

Good Morning Dr. Hollander!

What do I have to do to get some six pack abs, or at least lose some belly fat, aside from the obvious dieting?

GMDH 3: Blood Pressure

2008 April 06

Dr. Hollander, Good Morning. What do all these numbers mean???

GMDH 2: Stretching and Injury

2008 April 02

Ok Mr. Health. I have a good question for you.

Good Morning Dr. Hollander!

2008 March 27

Good Morning Dr. Hollander,

I was wondering your opinion on the subject of vitamins. What would you say is a recommended daily dose of the following:

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